Up to $5,000 College Education APIASF/General Mills Scholarship

Households who are living in fixed or limited income are facing financial obstacles for their kids’ college education. Most of these families keep their one or two jobs however the income is not enough for the expensive college tuition fees which is increasing every year. Poor families turn to some organizations or institutions offering any financial aid for their kids’ college education.

For several years now, one of the generous organizations who have been helping families for their child’s college educaion is the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund or APIASF. Since they formed back in the year 2000, they have joined partnership to some of the notable supporters of education opportunities for less privileged students. One of their scholarship programs is the APIASF/General Mills Scholarship supports the Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution (AANAPISI) Scholarship Program which offers scholarships to student of Asian and/or Pacific Islander origin. A qualified student can get into any degree programs with the scholarship amount that can range from one-time $2,500 to multi-year $5,000 amount. A bachelor degree is no longer a dream for these fortunate students.

APIASF/General Mills Scholarship also has their minimum requirements for a student applicant to be granted the scholarship. An applicant for the scholarship should be of Asian and/or Pacific Islander origin, US citizen and will be a full time student in any of the degree programs at an accredited college or university. These are just some of the minimum requirements for the APIASF/General Mills Scholarship. It should also be noted that students needs to be full time upon the receipt of the scholarship fund and should be seeking a degree. Online students may be eligible to apply however you should have no more that ½ of your courses online.

APIASF/General Mills Scholarship online applications will open on September 4, 2018 and will close on November 1, 2018 at exactly 5:00 PM EST. The online application should be completed and submitted with all the questions completely answered. If it can’t be done in one sitting you may save the application and return to it when you are ready to continue it. By November 2018 the scholarship finalists will be notified then come December 2018, students who will be granted the scholarships will be notified and lastly the scholarship grants will be distributed by January 2019. Kindly visit the APIASF website for additional instructions on application and requirements http://www.apiasf.org/aanapisischolarship.html

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  1. Bonjour
    Je suis une etudiante 3 eme annee ingenieur genie industrielle, je cherche une boursse pour continuer mes etudes a l\’etranger dans des bonnes conditions, et avoir un diplome internationnal.

  2. Objet:Demande de bourse
    Madame, Monsieur,
    Je viens de décrocher mon baccalauréat série A4 cette année, avec la mention passable,et je souhaiterais poursuivre mes études au Canada mais la situation de mes permets pas.
      En effet, je demeure convaincu que ce pays dispose des moyens pédologiques, des cursus universitaires,mais surtout de la culture essentiels pour me permettre de cumuler les bagages nécessaires dans l\’accomplissement de mon objectif de carrière.
    Je compte pour cela intégrer l\’Université de Canada et y suivre leur cursus universitaires dans le domaine de Droit.
    Je vous prie donc pour cela de trouver joint à cette lettre de dossier complet requis pour une demande de bourse.

    Vous remerciant d\’avance pour l\’intérêt que vous porterez à mon dossier,je vous prie d\’agréer, Madame, Monsieur, mes salutations distinguées.

  3. Iam very happy if iget this chance but always as am ready subscribe it says invalid email address but my email valid as ithink so please recover the problem and we are poor student we need sponsor to support

  4. I am an undergraduate i really need thos opportunity ,please give me further process so that i could make it to the form thank you;

  5. My name is David M Rumwaropen, I am come from Biak Papua East Indonesia. I am not rich men. I need a scholarship to complete my study Master Business Administration (MBA) or Computer Science. Will you receive me as a candidate ?
    tell me please How I can Apply in ?

  6. I love scholarship, i want to study ,the time i will receive the money from you, i will buy a compute, i will used it to follow the courses. This trmes i used my telephone appeal itel 5300.
    I ask the scholarship of the courses and the moneys, thank you.

  7. i am deeply in need of a scholarship to complete my studies…….
    I am presently an ENGINEERING student at the university of MMCET in sierra leone,,
    please help me out i\’m deeply in need….for any information please contact me on this line +23230975777

  8. Please help me get the scholarship and help me to move from my home to the airport , in to the plane, into the University of Havard or Oxford and finally start my dream career .Please guide me .

  9. Hello i\’m a student in Network and security second year. i\’m 19 years old and i wish to have a scholarship to continue my studies abroad. I speak French English an d Spanish. I will be an honor for me if you grant me a scholarship. Thanks very much

  10. Hello Tembo,
    Am a self sponsered student undertaking Diploma in Business Management at the KCA university kenya, i started tbe course in 2016 and have not been able to complete it till now because of financial distress as i keep deffering semesters to raise enough money. being a single mother of one i have major challenges as i have to balance the needs of my family. i have not been able to advance career wise as i lack the relevant qualification based on education. i will be highly grateful if i receive help so as to advance my education and be of benefit to both my community and family.i am aged 29 years.
    Hoping that my request will be granted. thank you for offering this opportunity.
    kind regards,
    Mary Immaculate Wanjiru.

  11. Dear Sir,
    I\’ve been registered for a MA Refugees Protection and Forced Migration Studies in the University of London. I am a secondary school Master and it has been very difficult for me to follow the programme because of low income payement of teachers in our country. So I would be very grateful if you could grant me a scholarship to help me carry this study project.
    Yours Sincerely
    Kouami AKAKPO

  12. Hi Sir/madam,
    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon Islands in pacific, single mother of 3 kids, their schools fees very expensive, No money left to fund my own studies Dream to further upper the studie to MBA studies in people management,Organizational behavior.. Please help me.

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry really need this schorlship to further study degress in Business studies management/leadership and management at Queensland University or any university of your choice.

    I accept this offer.

    Help me please

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry
    From Solomon Islands in South Pacific.

  13. Am Abdisalan , from Kenya, with diploma in early childhood development and education, I need to pursue degree in the same Field or study. I request if I can be offers a scholarship to pursue my ECDE degree course. Thanksgiving

  14. Am a high school graduate and I wish to further my education abroad in medicine, I really need this scholarship, thanks

  15. Kindly donate or support my dream of becoming a member of international students who will achieve PhD in business administration through your support. I\’m currently studying with California Southern University ( USA ) as a underprivileged background South African will be humble by your heart warm financial assistance.
    Warm regards
    Siyanda Bota

  16. i request for master degree scholarship in public health specialized in epidemoilogy and bio-stat

  17. YES I STILL want the scholarship Pavla, I\’ll be happy if you help with this scholarship. I am accepted to the University in India ( Sambhram University of health science

  18. How may I get the form to apply for the full time scholarship and what are the requirements to apply for the scholarship?

  19. I really love these awesome opportunities. I\’d so much like to do a course in computer science in Germany. Thanks for offering these chances .

  20. I okwara lucy chinenye plead for your help to grant me scholarship to study nursing… Please help me to achieve my goals

  21. I\’m interested to study anywhere as long as it\’s a scholarship, how can i get the form or scholarship?

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