$25,000 AMS Graduate Fellowships

Having a proper education is very hard to attain nowadays because there are a lot of hindrances existing in the society. A lot of people doesn’t have an access to bachelor degree or any degree program. That is why online degree is becoming famous for offering an alternative. The tuition and school expenses are continuously rising making it harder and harder to enter formal schooling. Student debts or loans are providing a fund for education, but it has a big interest rate making it hard to pay when the student graduate. These problems of having a bachelor degree, any degree program and let us include online program become a crisis that most of the places in the world are facing.

If there are already a lot of hindrances for college education, then how much more in pursuing to enter a graduate school? These could cost thousands of dollars that make it a burden for student. Plus, remember that not all people who graduated college and aspire to have a post-graduate degree has a stable job. Many of them only have the guts to pursue and looking for ways in order to sustain their need for education.

The good thing is, there are a lot of institutions that are willing to provide scholarship for education. One of them is the AMS Graduate Fellowship program. This a sponsored scholarship by industry leaders and government agencies which is designed to attract promising young scientists to prepare for careers in the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic fields. So, if you are making it a goal to advance your education in science, this might be the one that you are looking for.

The AMS Fellowship program is a unique source of variety of opportunities for outstanding students who are aspiring to pursue a graduate education, in line with atmospheric or other related sciences. In the current statistics, there already three hundred fifty-nine students who have been designated as AMS fellowship recipient. The fellowship has a lot of benefits like financial support, chance to being a guest at the AMS Annual Meeting and an ongoing academic and career support from AMS.

To know more about the details, visit https://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarship-directory/deadline/deadline-in-jaunuary/ams-graduate-fellowships and to have the list of requirements go to https://www.ametsoc.org/ams/index.cfm/information-for/students/ams-scholarships-and-fellowships/ams-graduate-fellowships/.

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  1. Am keita Oumar from Guinea Conakry am very interested about your scholarship program. am a high school leaver.so I wish to improve my school in your respectable country. I need your help my fellows. thank you for understanding me

  2. I\’m moussa bakdi, i\’m from algeria , i\’m student researcher, i\’m working as teacher as vacancy in the university
    i really extremely hard thank you for your interseting about my purpose that is studying with schoolership,
    i hope to hearing from you soon with positive response on you

  3. I am salilish fekadu from Ethiopia. I am very interested about your scholarship program.I need scholarship in masters program in mechanical engineering.

  4. I am Aye Aye Win. I live in Eastern Shan State, Myanmar.I want to join phd religious studies at United State. Therefore, I need your scholarship because my family background is very poor to support my study.

  5. Hello! my name\’s sebory kourouma from guinea, i am strongly interested at scholarship wave as possible you can, i am ready…

  6. my name is mamadou b jallow from the Gambia. i completed senior high school in 2016 and proceeds to the Gambia college school of public and environmental health in January 2017 and i should complete my Diploma in public health in December 2019. i really need support from you guys.

  7. for 2 year I Graduated Bachelor In Eletrical Engineering From Ethiopia and I have not got the job yet,there is a racial &poltcial upriseing, to get the job must be member&supporter of ruling party in my country. I realy want to learn mastre dgree but a poor boy i have not money please help me! to learn free fully funded

  8. I\’m a rwandan holding a bachelor\’s degree in land survey engineering and i would like to pursue a master\’s degree

  9. I could like to do my Master in General Agriculture in Australia. I am from Liberia, please grant me a scholarship.

  10. Hello my name is Fakiyat Hassen .I am from Ethiopia. Currently i am searching for free scholarship at piloting or mechanical engineering,so please help me to further my education
    Fakiyat Hassen

  11. my name is kebeki, am from Ethiopia, I have bsc degree in electrical and computer engineering, I want to study my msc in communication engineering, so please help me to get free scholarship chance.

  12. I\’m Ugandan ,a teacher by occupation in primary level and I would like to upgrade myself for better service delivery to my bekoved fellow children of uganda.
    And could be happy when such opportunities nock me.
    Im eger to hear postively from you please

    Yours sincerely.

  13. Hi! I\’m a Tanzanian student and a form four graduate. I want to apply for certificate and diploma education scholarship in abroad pursuing with computer science and information technology studies. I am looking for a positive response to my application.

  14. Hi I\’m Mohamoud Dualleh, live in Hargeisa City Somaliland, Gratuated Doctrate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), I am interesting this scholarship, I want to study Mastrer of Analystical Chemistry.

    I hope to win this scholarship.

  15. I am Dorothy, I have a B.Sc. Microbiology (First class honours). I would really appreciate a scholarship for an M.Sc.(Pharmaceutical Microbiology) in South Africa or America. Thanks


  17. Hi, my name is hope banda, I\’m a 21 year old zambian interested in studying physiotherapy abroad or locally.
    I\’m very interested in this scholarship.
    Your positive response will be highly appreciated.
    Hope Banda.

  18. my name \’s pham maet machar, South Sudanese by nationality am really interesting to continue with my study in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, i want to degree because i have done Electrical diploma in DON BOSCO already, but due to financial problems i struck there and there \’s no other alternative, that can lets me have to pursue with my higher education, because i cannot efforts the increase fees in University. i heard this scholarships programs help hundred students from different background in order to bring peace, knowledge and leaderships responsibility to theirs home community and to the world at large, i hope i will be one among them, thank for your positive response in advance.

  19. I\’am moussa from Niger,i well l\’île to request for scholarship to study masters in science of éducation ! Thank you!!!!

  20. Nice to have this opportunity to continue to study abroad. ERITREAN nationality from sudan.I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.I want to study computer science if you offer me this scholarship garnt.thanks more nice to hear from you soon.

  21. Thanks for the opportunity that you provide to us as a student … Please i am a Tanzanian student needs your support, please can you help me getting sponsor or scholarship for my degree in medicine?…thanks!

  22. Firstly I would like to thank you for the scholarships which you provide and here ask for your consideration for a Phd scholarship in Education majoring in education psychology.

  23. Thanks you for providing the scholarship and hereby ask for a scholarship in Education Psychology at Phd level

  24. سأكون سعيدًا جدًا إذا كنت تستطيع أن تسمح لي بدعوتي للدراسة في الحرم الجامعي الرئيسي
    مع الاخذ في العلم أنا ابحث عن تخصص الشريعة الاسلامية

  25. hy I\’m from Swaziland… I\’m pretty much interested in this…please can u help me as I truly wish to further my studies….

  26. Applying for full scholarship of Masters in International Relations or Masters of International in Development Studies.

  27. I am a B.Pharm graduate of Sri Lanka. I would like to start my clinical pharmacy master degree. can you help me?
    thank you.

  28. I love to have my medicine studies abroad on a scholarship, what should I do, because when I\’m filling the forms, only business courses are showed to me?
    I will be blissful when granted this opportunity, thank you.

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