College doesn’t have to be expensive with this $1,000 scholarship

Accreditation is important for any university, but it’s even more so if the school we’re talking about is an online university. College education online is a relatively new form of schooling, which until recently has been viewed with a lot of skepticism.

However, in recent days college education online has managed to shed that stigma. That’s because accreditation has entered the equation. Today, most online university programs come from accredited institutions, traditional or digital.

An accredited online university isn’t a rare thing anymore, it has actually become the standard. Even so, the so-called diploma mills still exist, and if you want to avoid investing time and money into a futile endeavor, you’ll make absolutely sure to check the accreditation status of the online university you want to sign-up with.

It shouldn’t be too hard to verify whether the provider of your college education online is accredited or not. An accredited online university will flaunt its accreditation everywhere, starting from their official webpage. Another clear indicator that you’re dealing with an accredited online university is that the school offers their own funding programs. Diploma mills want you to give them your money, they don’t want to spend money if they don’t have too.

So remember! While enrolling with an online university is a laudable idea, you need to be extra careful which school you choose. If you end up pursuing a program at an unaccredited college, you might not be able to do much with the diploma afterwards. Many employees don’t recognize the status of non-accredited institutions as legit providers of higher education. So if you want to make sure you get a job upon graduation, you’ll be extra careful. Don’t rush things, take your time making the decision. It might have a bigger impact than you could possibly anticipate right now.

What’s more, being a student at an unaccredited institution might cut your chances of getting funding. You won’t be eligible for federal grants, and you might not be able to apply with some of scholarship programs available on the Internet. That’s because the majority of bursaries are targeting only students of accredited universities.

Here’s an example. The American Bullion Scholarship is one of these programs that only accepts accredited students. If that’s your case, then you can easily apply for the grant by filling out the short scholarship form.

On top of that you are asked to answer the following question with a short essay no longer than 500-words:

What are the benefits of diversifying a retirement account with gold and bitcoin?”

If you think you have the answer, then go ahead and apply for the scholarship. You have until October 31, 2018 to do that.

The scholarship is worth $1,000 and there are multiple awards available. Winners will be asked to provide a valid student ID, transcript, or another proof of enrollment before they can receive the grant.

American Bullion Inc. will announce the recipients in December.

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  1. Im a male Swazi Citizien of 40 years old who is living with albinism condition and I want to further my studies in the field of agriculture but Im facing financial challenges due to lack of scholarships.I have applied to private colleges who offers agricultural courses in the Republic Of South Africa . These colleges conduct their courses online or through correspondance and they are accredited by the South African Qualification Authority inconjuction with the Ministry Of Education And Training.The colleges are namely Agricolleges International and Peritum Agricultural College as well as the University Of South Africa.I will appreciate any form of scholarship and you may contact me any time if you need more information.Please help me get a scholarship.

  2. i am Eyob Tefera am from Ethiopia and i have first degree in midwifery with 3.88 GPA and i am interested to learn second degree.

  3. je suis étudiant de l\’universite de bukavu dans la rd congo j\’avait bésoin de faire mais étude superieurs dans cet anne 2018-2019 merci beaucoup

  4. I am Mudassar Fiaz from Pakistan.I have completed my Bs(H) Mathematics with 3.56 CGPA…INow I want scholarship for M.phil Mathematics…how can I…?

  5. my name is yusif yayah kaamra , a sierra leoenean, iam a holder of LLB Hons at university of makeni, i want to pursue a master program in international law or international commercial law , i will be grateful if awarded a scholarship.

  6. I am Lekeh Jacob from Cameroon. And a nurse in profession. I am a holder of a Higher National Diploma (HND) in nursing, a three year university program. Please sir/Madam, I need a full time scholarship for a bachelor\’s and master\’s program. I graduated with a GPA of 3.48 in a scale of 4. thanks

  7. I am a student at Atlantic International University studying development economic at both master and PhD but now stranded in tuition payment .I need your scholarship assistant to complete my study.
    Jutowo J.Dolo

  8. Am a zambia i have a diploma in psychosocial counselling i want to do a degree in clinical medicine but i don\’t have a sponser please assist,thanks for time looking forward to hear from you.

  9. Thank you for making me know about this scholarship. I want to study PHD in management , scholarship is only alternative for me to develop my career. Please grant me so i can pursue my further studies. Rehema, Tanzanian in Tanzania.

  10. am currently doing my master in public policy and management at International University of Management 2019-2020 am looking for schoolarship full or partialy .i will be happy if i can get this offer

  11. Are there A-level scholarships?
    I have completed my O-level studies and am looking for A-level scholarship if I can get it from you?

  12. I have completed my bachelor\’s degree in human physiology and I need a master degree scholarship in health relivant course my cgpa is 3.23

  13. I am thungu staloose from Uganda, i hold a degree in Development studies. I want to study post Graduate in project planning and management.

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