Answer a simple question the best way you can and win a $1,000 college scholarship

According to some experts, college education online might be the solution for widening inequality, rapidly rising costs, and lack of access to quality courses. Sure, online college degree programs aren’t for everyone, but some people thrive in the online environment. So for them, the online college is the superior alternative, when it comes to getting a higher-education diploma.

The modern society is all about having as much choices as you possibly can, and college education online fits perfectly in this picture. Maybe you live nearby colleges that offer the degrees you want. Or maybe you live far away from any colleges whatever. Well online college degree institutions can easily give you access to lots of programs that are also backed up by accreditation.

The online college is also synonymous with flexibility. This aspect is so very important for students who also have other commitments to deal with. College education online allows any student to learn at their own pace and when they have the time, without a set weekly schedule.

Also very important is the fact that you can get your online college degree for a lot less than you would at a traditional college. Yeah, college education online can be cheaper, although it’s not always the case. But it can be especially for adult students or those who already have accumulated some transfer credits.

Even if the fees per-se are not more affordable, being enrolled with an online college means you’ll be able to save in other key areas. For example, not having to move to a different city to be near campus entails that you won’t have to spend money on temporary accommodation. Traveling expenses are also out of the picture.

Instead, you can use that money to pay for the fees at your college. And even so, if you find that you’re still lacking the necessary funds to pay for your studies you can always start applying for scholarships.

Yes, online students just like traditional students can apply for funding. And they should. If they want to lessen the financial burden at little bit.

Anyway, here’s a scholarship program that you might want to check out. It’s called the AceableAgent Higher Education.

Applicants need to be currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a 2-4 year program at a college or university in continental United States.

In order to apply, you’re invited to create a 2-minute video (or less) or submit a 500-word essay based on the following prompt:

Tell AceableAgent what home is to you. It could be a city, a house, a person, whatever speaks to you!”

So if you have an idea which you think might be worth putting in an essay or could support a short video, go ahead and get to work. You could be rewarded with $1,000 for your efforts.

The deadline for sending in the scholarship is October 31, 2018, and winners will be selected by December 31, 2018.

Apply as soon as possible and you could start 2019 with $1,000 in your bank account.

86 responses to “Answer a simple question the best way you can and win a $1,000 college scholarship”

  1. It will be great thing to me and to the world if I\’m granted this scholarship. I\’m in a family which things are tough to us.If this scholarship given to me it will help and my family thanks.

  2. Je suis enthousiaste pour votre offre.Si j\’obtiendrai cette bourse ,je ne vais pas vous décevoir car je ferai de mon mieux pour vous satisfaire.J\’attendrai avec patience votre réponse.

  3. to God be the glory for giving me such opportunity pls help i stay with my granny there is no fund to purchases my education so pls i need this thank u

  4. Am a Ugandan Aged 25 With Curiosity To Do Master\’s Degree In Either Geographical Or Environmental Or Educational Related Courses.
    Am The Happiest When Granted a Scholarship To Further My Studies!
    Thank You In Advance

  5. Hello am Shadrick Katampa from Zambia I don\’t have any one to pay for my studies I need your help for me to do a bachelor\’s degree in mining Engineering. looking forward to
    hear from you thank you.

  6. i will be greatfull if i could get this schoolarship for my studies becouse i dont have anyone to pay for my studies i dont have both parents

  7. I really need this scholarship. I have an advanced diploma in electrical and electronic engineering .I need to increase my skills about electricity but I\’m lacking capability . I need this assistance to get bachelor degree.

  8. i\’m SANTOS CHRIS with a diploma in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, A refugee in the camp of KAKUMA IN KENYA
    i will be much glad to have this opportunity of empowering my knowledge and capacity,
    i will be thrilled to have some chances and try to assist my family and societies at the time
    thank you

  9. I will ever remain grateful to have scholarship opportunity to advance my studies. I have the greatest desire to be equipped in order to impact my generation. I believe such opportunity will be the gate way of accomplish my dream of my nation Liberia.
    I am convinced, that there are many more students who are in need of scholarship opportunity now a days, Nevertheless, I am also among the greatest who are in need of such gesture. Thanks for considering my request favorably.
    Daniel Beito

  10. I am ready for any type of question, how can i get scholarship? Scholarship can improve my educational conditions and i can study more and more!

  11. I would like to study Masters in Kiswahili ,or English with Education online .
    I live in Rwanda,Northern prov,Gicumbi District, Byumba Sector my contact and Watsap is 0788555346. There I can pay my school fees.
    Or else if I get someone to help me to study fully abroad I promise a good harvest.

  12. Am requesting for financial assistance to educate my four kids they are all below 10years old. Currently am unemployed. I need 500 dollars to cater for their needs as I look for something to do to earn a living.
    Thank you.

  13. I\’ll be proud of helped by you!
    I\’m Rwandan people and I finished to study in wildlife conservation in Rwanda politechenic where I get A1 diploma in conservation of wildlife!
    I need to continue to study but I lack sponsor if you help me you\’ll be thanks !
    Warm regards!

  14. I Truly need sponsorship please help me
    I was completed high school 2017 in MPG(mathematics physics and geography
    I wanna study civil engineering
    thank you
    My contact: +250780804039
    WhatsApp: +250780804039

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