Make a short video about technology and win a $2,500 scholarship

College education is ridiculously expensive these days. Thankfully, distance learning education is a viable and attractive alternative for any students who hasn’t been born rich.

The days when an online degree program was viewed with skepticism are mostly gone. Now distance learning education is even an option even at old school traditional universities. And many online degrees are backed up by accreditation.  So it should be taken into consideration.

Distance learning education offers the cheapest form of higher education in the form of online associate degrees. Online associate degrees usually span over the course of two years, but some online universities offer accelerated programs which can be completed between 16 to 18 months.

Given that they are such short programs; online associate degrees are also very affordable. And because you’ll be studying from home, you’ll also be able to make additional savings. Being enrolled with an online degree program means you don’t have to worry about accommodation or transportation expenses. Instead, you can put that saved cash in your college fund.

Yet, some students might still feel they need additional financial help to pay for their associate degree program. If that’s the case, don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one.

The first step is to enquire at your university of choice to see if they offer any funding. Most online colleges these days have setup scholarships for undergraduate students, and associate programs are considered undergraduate degrees. So you should be eligible to apply.

But in case you’re not, you can always turn your attention online. The Internet is the biggest database when it comes to private scholarship programs. And a quick search should reveal many opportunities. Obviously, you won’t be able to apply for every scholarship you stumble upon. But that shouldn’t be a deterrent. Keep searching, as new scholarship opportunities are added each day. Here’s an example, to get you started in your search.

It’s called DevMountain and you need to be at least 18 years of age to enter it. You also have to be enrolled in school starting no later than Winter 2018. Note that the scholarship is not awarded based on financial need.

Ok, so what do you need to do to enter for a chance to win a $2,500 scholarship? Well you have to make a short video based on the following prompt:

What impact has technology had on your daily life?”

The video should be between 30 and 90 seconds and not have any sort of background music. Once completed, users need to upload their creation to YouTube with the hashtag #DevMountainScholarship.

You have until October 31, 2018 to apply for the grant, so if you’re reading this now, you have plenty of time to apply. The winner will be announced in November.

This is a pretty fun scholarship to apply-to. Other funding programs might not be so enjoyable, so you should definitely take advantage of it.

The majority of scholarships out there have GPA requirements and require you send in a lot of documents like CV, school transcripts and letters of recommendation. So it’s a breath of fresh air to see one that doesn’t.

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  1. Hi,I really appreciate if i will be selected among the 1000 to study computer I really like technology and I want to study it to the best of my ability,i need u people to pls help me

  2. i want to study Master of Bio medicine in your institution ,so i am sure the management team consider me as an eligible candidate

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  4. Nice to have thid opportunity to continue my study abroad. Eritrean nationality from sudan .I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007 I want to study computer science if you offer me tuis grants. Thanks more nice to hear from you soon .

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  6. I graduated from a master two in environmental sciences. I would like to continue my studies through a scholarship in the field and in addition to sustainable development.

  7. Hii am kyari from Nigeria I will be great full if you grant me as member of scholarship student abroad my dream is to study in respectful country, with good quality education mai God bless your programs and continue to protect your programs and who Eva created the program more years and prosperity to him or her even do if am not a member than you

  8. Halo I Am Sonko Jamal From Uganda For Sure How I Wish To Get That Chance To Study From Abroad .My Dream Is Persuing Law But I Am Lacking Funds

  9. My name is Ibrahim and I am 20 years old and I live in somalia and have been living in civil war and have no education outside the country so I always want to do something for the community
    and fight for the jealousy and encourage them to work and I like to learn the science of communication technology techonology
    And I needed this opportunity
    So I would like to consider my request
    thank you

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    Baza Alenby

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