Up to $5,000 College Education APIASF/General Mills Scholarship

Households who are living in fixed or limited income are facing financial obstacles for their kids’ college education. Most of these families keep their one or two jobs however the income is not enough for the expensive college tuition fees which is increasing every year. Poor families turn to some organizations or institutions offering any financial aid for their kids’ college education. For several years […]

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$2,500 offered by APIASF/BBCN Bank as a Bachelor Degree Scholarship to APIA Student

There are various means to get yourself a bachelor degree, especially now that employers are almost requiring applicants to be a college graduate. There are simple online college courses to get yourself an online degree. On the other hand, aside from online college courses, you may also apply for a scholarship program or a bursary from an organization. One of the programs offering a scholarship […]

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$1000 Anchell Photo Workshops Scholarship for Documentary Photography

Studying in different areas are a good thing to do. There are a lot of people who are taking extra-curricular classes in order to improve their skills or hobby. But doing so is not easy, as the prices of tuition fees and school expenses are not that cheap. A lot of people does not have an access to bachelor degree, any degree program or even […]

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$25,000 AMS Graduate Fellowships

Having a proper education is very hard to attain nowadays because there are a lot of hindrances existing in the society. A lot of people doesn’t have an access to bachelor degree or any degree program. That is why online degree is becoming famous for offering an alternative. The tuition and school expenses are continuously rising making it harder and harder to enter formal schooling. […]

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Answer a simple question the best way you can and win a $1,000 college scholarship

According to some experts, college education online might be the solution for widening inequality, rapidly rising costs, and lack of access to quality courses. Sure, online college degree programs aren’t for everyone, but some people thrive in the online environment. So for them, the online college is the superior alternative, when it comes to getting a higher-education diploma. The modern society is all about having […]

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